Hello World

This website is made with React, Gatsby, and TypeScript...

Website Update

Website update notes

Jonathan McCaffrey

Created on: May 7th 2020
Updated on: May 7th 2020

Website Update

General idea: I am not a fan of the blog format. Information should be useful, and updated. Not limited to and ordered by a date values.

View gatsbyjs's website document section as the main inspiration.

This website should also be a test bed for all personal training and testing. Website repo has been made private. Long term, it should be split into a public repo, and a private fork.

Ideas in Scope of Redesign:

  • Remake Website with React Studio
  • Add a login Feature to show private content
  • Add MDX support
  • Add some tools to the website
  • Add some tutorials to the website
  • Create a RoadMap for features
  • Explain all concepts of making this website, in the website

Document Driven Design

Attempt to implement document driven developement.

Document new features before implementation.

Website will be for personal usage, but efforts should be made to make it easy to understand and follow.

Update text as needed.